Congress of the Open Healthcare System OSOZ 2018


Intensifying healthcare problems require immediate strategic solutions. We need a patient-centred, well-coordinated, smoothly-managed and transparent system, rationally exploiting the available resources. The issue of how such a model could be created by means of e-health innovations and best practices will be discussed by Polish and foreign experts at the 23rd International Congress of the Open Healthcare System, entitled “Healthcare Coordination and Personalisation” (Katowice, 24 April 2018).

Specialist doctors, nurses and midwives, pharmacists, laboratory diagnosticians, medical rescue workers and public healthcare staff jointly create a multi-level healthcare system. In order to ensure the best possible results, high quality treatment and effective prevention, all fields of medicine and pharmacy need to be harmoniously coordinated. This is the only way to seal the healthcare system, increase its efficiency and put the principles of patient-centred care into practice.

The issues of care coordination and personalisation within the healthcare system will prevail during this year's OSOZ Congress. We are going to talk about innovative healthcare drawing on e-health solutions, as well as about priority sector-specific challenges, innovative concepts of supporting internal processes of medical and pharmaceutical facilities, and novel scientific and technological solutions. The programme includes 6 thematic sessions, 2 plenary sessions, lectures to be given by several Polish and foreign experts, and numerous discussions. 800 guests will participate in the conference.

The International OSOZ Congress is the meeting space for medical and pharmaceutical environment representatives, as well as for organisations in the healthcare market, politicians, scientists, doctors and nurses, laboratory diagnosticians, managers of medical facilities, patients, companies operating in the sector, and students of medical universities. For several years the Conference has acted as a wide platform for exchanging views, acquiring knowledge and seeking inspiration in the process of establishing an efficiently-operating healthcare system.

OSOZ Congress participants will be invited to the Innovation Zone where new healthcare solutions are to be presented. The conference will be crowned with the Gala of Healthcare Leaders. The award-giving ceremony organised as part of the prestigious Healthcare Leaders competition, along with a symphonic orchestra concert, is to be held in a modern seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice.

Participation in the conference is free.

The Organising Committee

of the 23rd International Congress of the National Health Care System


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