IT Security Management: ZBIT 2017 Conference in Katowice


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The cooperation between universities and business has been in the public debate for some time. Universities evolve nom from the basic functions of teaching and research to commercialization where the partnership with the industry is the most important element. The university education is also changing, and beyond formal learning the nonformal education is developed focusing on joint education events. The university-business cooperation refers mainly to three aspects: the relation between science and economy, the inteorganizational relations between universities and enterprises, and the personal relations among science people and company representatives. Such cooperation changes the attitudes and orientations of both parts.

Since 2014, Faculty of Informatics and Communication, Department of Informatics and ISACA Katowice Chapter have organized several times a year seminars on Information System Security, Control and Audit. Interests of business partners and science people has encouraged to start work on IT Security Management – Science & Business Conference, which aim is exchange of ideas, views and experiences on design, management and security of business information systems.

In Business Informatics domain in Poland the IT Security Management – Science & Business Conference is a continuation of Organization Support Systems Conference, which was organized for 30 years by Department of Informatics at University of Economics in Katowice.

The conference will take place on 14th November 2017. Further details available here.

Centre for New Information Technologies (CNTI)
Bogucicka 5 (STREET)
University of Economics in Katowice
40-287 Katowice
Tel.: 32 257 72 77

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